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5/4- Picked up Z from storage, sweet ride home!


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5/25 - Import Mega Show @ Odeum Center, Villa Park

6/2 - Import Wars @ Great Lakes Dragaway, Union Grove, WI

6/8 - Import Expo @ Donald E. Stephens Convention Ctr., Rosemont

6/29 - Hot Import Nights @ McCormick Place, Chicago

7/21 - Import Wars @ Great Lakes Dragaway, Union Grove, WI

7/27 - GT66 Expo @ Route 66 Raceway, Joliet

8/10-8/11 - NOPI National Drag @ Gateway International Raceway, Madison, IL

8/24 - Import Wars @ Great Lakes Dragaway, Union Grove, WI

9/14-9/15 - Battle of the Imports @ Route 66, Joliet

9/29 - Import Wars @ Great Lakes Dragaway, Union Grove, WI

10/20 - Import Wars @ Great Lakes Dragaway, Union Grove, WI

10/26 - Import Revolution @ McCormick Place, Chicago

The Nissan Z has been a legend for many decades now. Unfortunately, due to the US market the 4th generation Nissan Z was discontinued in the United States in 1996. Luckily for the diehard Z enthusiast, the long wait will pay off as the new Nissan Z will soon be reintroduced as an upcoming 2003 350Z (final specs pending).  Keep an eye out for this new Z. 

As the import scene in the United States, as with many other countries, begin to gain in popularity, the streets are seeing more tricked-out imports. Although a majority of our tricked-out imports fall under the categories of Honda, Acura, or Diamond Star, the Nissan Z still holds that reputation of being a Japanese super car.

Since 1996, we are beginning to see more and more Zs hit the Import Scene. This is mainly due to the used market prices becoming more affordable and for the younger generations desire for the Z.

I have been involved in the import scene since 1997. Fortunately for us here, the import scene in the Midwest is beginning to boom. The Midwest is now finally being recognized as one of many growing import communities, as we cater to many major import events each year; Hot Import Nights, Import Revolution, Battle of the Imports, ID Drag Wars, Import Expo, Mega Show, and various other venues. This booming trend will continue to grow as the Import Scene begins to hit mainstream, especially with exposures like the movie "The Fast And The Furious" and NHRA incorporating an import series event. I believe the Chicago region will become an import Mecca for the Midwest and will be a place to watch out for in the future.


I am also a member of the Windy City Z Club, a Z only organization that has been in existence for 25 years now. There are currently close to 200 members owning Zs from all generations. In addition to being an active participant in the import scene, I also keep close ties with the Z community, especially with tools like www.twinturbo.net, as with many other online Z sites, and the National Z Convention held each year throughout the United States and Canada.

The following pages represent my involvement in the Import Scene and a sneak peak of a rare vehicle; a Nissan 300ZX Convertible. Nissan produced a limited number of convertible Zs starting in 1993 and finally discontinuing in 1996. There is only an estimated 2000 convertibles produced from years 1993-1996. Far few are involved in the Import Scene and even fewer are tricked-out.